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Becoming a Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law

Effective July 1, 2017, the California Board of Legal Specialization certified me as a specialist in Bankruptcy Law.

To become a bankruptcy specialist, you need to pass a specialist examination that is offered every two years in October. My employer at the time, Stephen R. Wade, encouraged me to take the exam. I did not have much time to study and relied primarily on my experiences over the prior ten years working with Mr. Wade first as a law clerk and then as an attorney. I took the exam in October 2015 and several months later found out that I had passed.

The application to become a specialist can only be submitted once you have received a passing score on the exam. You must demonstrate you have received the appropriate amount of hours of legal education on bankruptcy subjects and the appropriate amount of real world experience on a variety of bankruptcy matters. You then must also submit references of judges and attorneys you have worked with in the past. I submitted my completed application in April 2017.

I am grateful for the opportunity to take on more challenging matters in bankruptcy and look forward to practicing bankruptcy for years and years to come.

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