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A New Beginning

After much deliberation and a push from my long time mentor and employer, Stephen R. Wade, I have decided to open up my own law office. I had been an employee of Mr. Wade for almost 12 years and have amassed a great deal of experience in bankruptcy and litigation. I started as a part-time law clerk with Mr. Wade in April 2005 and was later employed full time as a lawyer when I was admitted to the California Bar in December 2006.

Over the course of my employment, I had the privilege of assisting numerous clients during the recession. I am most proud of those people that I helped stay in their homes by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy or otherwise. Other people lost their jobs and amassed large amounts of consumer debt while trying to survive and many times care for their families. When those people found new employment, a bankruptcy helped them start off fresh.

Now to the present. On this day, I started up my own law office. I will be focusing on consumer bankruptcies and general civil litigation. Look forward to helping out those in tough financial times or in need of competent counsel in their civil matters.

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