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Your quality of life can be hindered immensely by the crushing power of debt and the constant pressure and harassment from creditors that often accompanies it. If you find yourself struggling in your financial situation but don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ontario, CA, then filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the next best course of action for you to take. This type of claim provides those who experience the unrelenting burden and unrealistic deadlines from their lenders but who still maintain a fair amount of income with a sort of “soft landing.”


Chapter 13 differs from Chapter 7 bankruptcy in that it provides a realistic repayment plan for tackling debts without the loss of assets. Under the supervision of your bankruptcy judge and Chapter 13 Trustee, you are able to maintain control over your assets such as your home and your vehicles while chipping away at your debts at the same time. 

The timeline for most people who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Ontario is to pay off most, if not all, of their debts is often between three and five years. The debts that are able to be paid off include personal loans, credit card bills, and medical bills. This form of filing is able to completely stop the progress of foreclosures, preventing the loss of your most crucial assets, such as your home. This filing simultaneously structures a mortgage payment plan that you are able to commit to paying on time on the determined dates. In Ontario, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves partnering with a Chapter 13 Trustee who is meant to both oversee and carry out the payment plan that has been assigned to you to pay your debts out of your disposable income. This is all done in the effort to help keep you accountable and stay locked in on committing to a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones. 

Contact us at the Law Office of W. Derek May and we can explore your eligibility for Chapter 13 together. Let us help you get back the life you’ve always wanted.


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